Best loved SharePoint posts: Week 3 Dec 2012

SharePoint Posts - Best Loved

Here’s my best loved posts of the week: 3 December 2012


Best Practice – Metadata in SharePoint and Beyond
Good starter advice for metadata in SharePoint.

Sharing Content in SharePoint 2013
Overview of access request features in 2013.

Microsoft, SharePoint, and Enterprise Social [Charles Chen] 
Strongly voiced opinion on Enterprise Social, not sure I’m quite this negative but the continuing massive sell of “Social” software as the route to business success does get a bit tedious. (Some teams I worked with struggled to be social when they were sat 1 metre apart in an office…)

SharePoint Managed Navigation, Part 1 [Justin Voels]
Intro to Managed Navigation using Managed Metadata. Nearly as good as SPTermCloud… ;)

SharePoint Collaborative Ownership [Geoff Evelyn]
A good example of some typical business rules that could be applied a new SharePoint environment. As Geoff says whether you agree or not with his rules make sure you at least have your own rules and plan accordingly, unless you want SharePoint chaos, anarchy and distress to visit…


SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab Guide stack refreshed
Overview and links to all of the available SharePoint 2013 labs.


TypeScript: Add Productivity and Manageability to your JavaScript Apps
If you’re writing client object model code in JavaScript, definitely check out TypeScript. It adds some order to your JavaScript and can help reduce errors by encouraging better design and doing type checking at compile time. Anyone got TypeScript definitions ready for the SharePoint client OM yet?

How to Create a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow with App Step (extension from the example workflow used for SPC 2012)
Good overview of creating a step in a workflow with an external web service call and using an App step

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