SharePoint 2013 Apps added to store

I've recently published a couple of SharePoint 2013 Apps to the Office SharePoint store. Both are SharePoint hosted apps and include a free trial for unlimited users. Any feedback on features, pricing welcome…

The first is metaEngine Tag Cloud which displays popular keywords and terms used across your SharePoint sites. It's powered by SharePoint Search and is a kind of refiner on steroids. It's also easy to scope the search for terms to suite your specific needs. Various display templates are included and inline with the SharePoint 2013 template features, additional ones can be added using JavaScript (JSRender) templates. You can use your own search page/centre as the target of the cloud or use the results included page. The included page adds inline tags to the results enabling you to pivot the results as you go.

The second app is metaEngine Easy Search. This app provides a super easy search app part for creating complex queries easily and the results page includes a search toolbar for filtering results, editing queries and saving searches. The app part is somewhat of a throwback to the familiar Windows XP search panel… and the toolbar shows show similarities to the familiar Google Search tools… Give it go and let me know what you think…

metaEngine Tag Cloud
metaEngine Tag Cloud template

metaEngine Easy Search
metaEngine Easy Search toolbar

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