Easy Search

What is metaEngine Easy Search?

metaEngine Easy Search is a SharePoint App that lets you quickly filter and control search results with simple to use tools. For example, you can choose to just see documents updated within the last 24 hours, pictures of a certain width, sites created in the last week or PowerPoint files over 1Mb. It also lets you save and rerun searches.

Why should you use it?

metaEngine Easy Search helps users to find information they need using familiar search tools. It leverages the advanced new features of SharePoint enterprise search, bringing the underlying power of search to all your users. It can be easily configured for your business, with specific result sets and properties enabling users to find relevant information more quickly and easily than ever before.

How does it work?

metaEngine Easy Search takes user options and filters to create focused powerful SharePoint searches. Simple date, location and property filters can be applied to all result types. If you select a specific result type you can use additional tools to refine your query.

Example result types that are displayed in the App include All Files, Documents, PDF documents, Pictures, Videos, Wiki Pages, Published Pages, List Items, Events, Contacts, Tasks, Sites, Libraries, List, People and Conversations. Business specific result types can be added to the App as required e.g. Corporate Records, Meeting Minutes, etc.

Common search criteria such as result type, last modified date, location, file size are displayed as menu options in a toolbar alongside links to property filter and advanced keyword dialogs.

The Advanced keyword dialog search lets you enter and edit “All of these words”, “None of these words”, “Exact phrases” and “Any of these words” keyword combinations without the need to learn the advanced SharePoint search syntax.

The Property filter dialog lets you enter specific search criteria with a condition and value. Business specific properties can easily be added and highlighted in the App.

You just select your search options by clicking menus and the app creates your SharePoint search queries for you without the need for custom development or expensive tools.

  • Simple To Use

    metaEngine Easy Search has been designed to be clear and simple for users, and is quick and easy to install.

    SharePoint 2013 + Office365

    metaEngine Easy Search is a SharePoint App and can be added from SharePoint by browsing the SharePoint store.

    Easy To Configure

    metaEngine Easy Search is configured using the web part edit pane and a settings list in the App web.


    The Easy Search App can be further customised in a number of ways:

     1. Business specific result sets can be added.

     2. Business specific property filters can be added.

     3. Custom search result display templates can be added.

     4. The app part search results target page can be directed to your own custom results page.

  • Supported Languages:
    English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian.

    System Requirements
    Server: SharePoint Release:

    Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 SharePoint Online on Office 365

    Release Notes

    20130424 (
    24 April 2013
    Initial Release